For Healthy Hearts

Something happened to me that I never thought possible this year: I lost my little sister, Emmy. And now, in her memory, I will do something I previously thought impossible: run the Boston Marathon. 

When my mother was pregnant with Emmy, my parents were told that their eighth child would never live a normal life. She was diagnosed with HypoPlastic Left Heart Syndrome. For those of you who are lucky enough to not know what that means, I'll say it the way she would brag: Emmy had half a heart.  

Tiny Emmy was born in June of 1991 and went immediately into open heart surgery. Emmy was one of the very first patients to ever have her her entire system re-routed, through 3 different crucial surgeries. Unfortunately, upon the brink of surgery #3, all of Emmy's doctors advised that her third surgery could quite possibily could be her last.  Refusing this news, my parents found the only place in the world that could make the impossible, possible: Boston Children's Hospital.

Emmy not only survived those rare and dangerous surgeries as an infant, but she was able to live nearly 25 years. Even though she had much more time than expected, Emmy did not get off easy. Her congenital heart defect was very much present in her life and sometimes, inhibited her from regular activities. But you would never know that, as she made that little fact so easy to forget. The side Emmy showed everyone was boisterous, loud, intense, crazy, fun, loving and loyal. My sister was, above all things, courageous. 

I know that Emmy's story is just one amongst thousands, or even millions, of kids who are battling the odds. I am supporting Boston Children's Hospital because I saw first hand how hard they fought for my sister and I believe in the impact they can have on so many lives. I am humbled and honored to represent the best children's hospital in the world who literally will never stop fighting "until every child is well."  

I am running alongside my brother Pete, and my other little sister, Charlotte. Together, we hope to raise well over $25,000 - or at least enough to help another kid with HLHS have a better chance at life. 

Please support me as I try to be as brave as my little sister.  Thank you so much. Every bit helps.

I love you, Em.