Running For Emmy


Before Emmy was born, my parents found out that she suffered from Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. At some point in utero, the left half of Emmy's heart did not fully develop . This would leave her with a congenital defect that, if untreated, would have resulted in her living for just a few short days. Due to the quick thinking of my parents, Emily would be one of the first recipients of a 3-stage procedure that would ultimately save her life. Her first open heart surgery was performed in Philadelphia immediately after birth with the second following months later. Emily's third and final surgery needed to be performed within 2 years, but unfortunately, the success rate was extremely low. The other babies with the same condition were not making it home, and this was unacceptable. 

My father did his research and decided to move Emily to Boston Children's Hospital where they were performing a cutting edge procedure that promised to have better results. It is because of Boston Children's Hospital that we got to enjoy 25 years with Emmy.

Emily was the strongest person I've ever met. She battled her entire life with a disease that would cripple anyone of us mentally and physically but never let it define who she was. I became so accustomed her strength that for the vast majority of her life, her ailment would never be the topic of conversation. 

Unfortunately, Emily Faith Cipolletti Died on March 24, 2016.

"The family with 10 kids" was now flying in missing man formation; the void left by Emmy's passing evident to all. As our family heals, we struggled to determine how best to give back to those that gave us an amazing 25 years with Emily… until we found Miles for Miracles.  It was a no-brainer… we were running "The Marathon". If Emily could find the strength to live her life as she did, what's 26.2 Miles? Right???

I'm running the marathon with two of my sisters, Kate and Charlotte, in honor of Emily Faith Cipolletti. The support, warmth, and care that Emmy received at Boston Children's Hospital over the course of her lifetime was phenomenal. I'd like to make sure that they are capable of providing that same care to families like ours for many years to come. 

Please consider donating to an amazing cause and support my sisters and I in our endeavor to tackle the Boston Marathon. Let's do our best to provide more families the gift of life, love and Happiness.

Thank you in advance,



P.S.  If Emmy were to read this, she would call me a massive dork…